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flagstone2Natural Irregular Flagstone are larger slabs of stone with relatively flat surfaces. They are typically used for porch tops, patios, walkways, swimming pool decks and steppping stones, anywhere a flat surface is desired. They also make good cap stones on retaining walls and columns or the tops of steps and fireplace hearths. Sandstones and bluestone are popular choices, their surface texture and durability provide lasting beauty. Flagstone can be set over concrete slabs in mortar or laid dry in a sand bed. A 1-2″ thick flagstone will cover @ 80-100 sq ft. per ton when set in mortar. 2-3″ stone is recommended for use in sand beds and will generally cover @ 60-80 sq ft. ton. Used as stepping stones, pieces can be sunk into the ground on sand, gravel, or mortar base, & spaced apart to allow grass or other plantings to grow or filled in with decorative gravels.

We keep an assortment of flagstone from Tennessee and Pennsylvania in stock.  We have crates of flagstone leftover from partial pallets available at a discount.  The discount crates are sold in full pallet quantities only.  Contact Burkley at extension 2 to discuss the options available.