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How to Choose the Ideal Pavers From Your Paver Supplier

Working with a reliable paver supplier can make your new construction projects seamless. Pavers usually offer wholesale supplies to help you enjoy bulk discounts and have all the materials you need on-site. However, there are various pavers on the market, so knowing what to look for is essential.

Project Requirements

Consider what type of project you’ll be completing. According to the ASTM guidelines, concrete pavers nationwide specify a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 psi, double that of the typical driveway’s four-inch concrete slabs. However, an aesthetic patio may call for different requirements. Carefully think about the project you’ll be completing.

Consider Budget

Your budget will be crucial in selecting the paver type. Specific pavers, like cobblestone or marble, are typically more expensive materials. Brick is a popular option, but it costs more to install than concrete. Determine a budget beforehand. Then, work with your paver supplier to narrow the list of materials to ones that fit your budget.

Aesthetic Appeal

New development projects often require a certain amount of visual appeal. Consider your target audience and what they prefer. Concrete pavers are affordable and available in various colors and textures. However, concrete isn’t usually considered charming like cobblestone is. Cobblestone has a certain amount of appeal, making it versatile enough to complement various architectural styles.

Remember Durability

Durability is always a crucial factor to consider. Concrete is often the material of choice for driveways because it’s known for handling the heavy weight of multiple vehicles without breaking. However, walkways and patios don’t have to hold the same load, so brick is a suitable choice. Cobblestone is another durable paver and is often considered more durable than brick.

Maintenance Preference

Different pavers call for various maintenance requirements. Concrete pavers are known for being low maintenance and don’t have to be sealed as often as other materials. Most natural stone pavers require more periodic sealing to ensure they don’t stain or chip due to exposure to the weather. Brick is low maintenance but does require more inspections to ensure components of the finished job, like caps and joints, don’t need to be replaced.

We understand the importance of finding the right paver. As a paver supplier, we’ll work with you to find something within your budget. Contact Brandco, Inc today to learn more about the products we offer.