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Troubleshooting FAQ

My fireplace is not turning on? Read below:

Have you checked that the gas is on?

Seems simple, but the gas valve could have gotten turned off for any reasons over the summer or since it was last used. After turning it on, wait a couple minutes, and then try lighting the fireplace again. If you’re smelling gas then shut it off.  You need to schedule an appointment

Have you checked the batteries?

If your fireplace remote isn’t working, sometimes it’s a simple as changing the batteries. There are also batteries at the receiver end, located under or around the fireplace by the controls. Check your fireplace manual to locate them.


The fireplace flame does not turn on and off at the exact desired temperature. Why?

When the remote is in the thermostat mode (SMART-STAT and RCT-MLT models) and the temperature of the room has not exceeded the desired temperature setting by 2 degrees Fahrenheit or 1 degree Celsius the fireplace will not turn on and off. The thermostat is set with a 2 degree F (1 degree C) range to avoid continuous cycling of the fireplace.


The glass on my fireplace is unusually hot.

The glass on a gas fireplace WILL reach very high temperatures. USE CAUTION: Carefully SUPERVISE children in the same room as your appliance; alert everyone to the hazards of high temperatures; do NOT operate with protective barriers removed; keep clothing, furniture, draperies and other combustibles away. Barriers such as screens over our direct vent glass help reduce the risk of burn from touching the glass.


The mantel on my fireplace is unusually hot.

While direct vent gas fireplaces are designed principally for their aesthetic value, we try to get as much heat output as possible to provide added value to the homeowner. It should be noted that while we are getting a lot of heat, we are passing the ANSI and UL standards for combustible temperatures. The allowable is 117°F above room temperature for combustibles. Average room temperature is 70-75°F; therefore a 187-192°F surface temperature can be expected. On a solid surface, 150°F is very hot to the touch (to put this in perspective, water boils at 212°F and the average bath water temperature is 110°F).